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Diane's Writing, Interviews and Feature Articles

"Yoga for Menopause" published by broadcasthealth.com in 2000

Diane teaching in Mexico

Diane Teaching in Mexico

"A regular yoga practice along with a walking, hiking or swimming (aerobic exercise) and perhaps additional strength training for bones (if the yoga postures don't add strength), can ease menopausal symptoms and make the journey through menopause one of awakening to your body's special nature. On a spiritual level, yoga helps you explore your strength, fully experience the present and shed the past, while creating space for the new parts of the self to emerge. in particular, yoga increases strength (prevents osteoporosis) and stamina and promotes muscle and joint flexibility. Many of the asanas (poses) also inspire an open heart and a loving attention to detail, which can ease depression and mood swings. Deep breathing also soothes the mind and emotions. Yoga can help relieve menopausal symptoms, energize and balance the female reproductive tract and stimulate the endocrine system to produce and therefore balance hormones. Yoga also works wonders for the digestive tract, nervous system, circulation and all other organs in the body." ... read MORE

Yoga and the Feldenkrais MethodĀ®

"Several years ago, as I was driving to my yoga class, I was involved in an accident that left my elbow in severe pain. After trying many therapeutic methods (chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, etc.) the pain remained. One of my students suggested I try a FeldenkraisĀ® Functional IntegrationĀ® lesson and it was during that first session that the pain in my elbow disappeared and never returned. I was absolutely amazed at the results of just one session and continued to pursue Feldenkrais work. Six months later, within weeks of opening my new yoga studio, I enrolled in a four-year Feldenkrais professional training, knowing that this was something I wanted, not only to incorporate into my practice, but to share with my students." ... read MORE

A Feature on Diane's Retreats at Westerbeke Ranch

Diane teaching in California

Diane Teaching in Northern California

"Yoga teacher Diane Valentine, who led the retreat, always ends her classes by citing the lotus flower, which rises in its beauty from the muddy waters. And last weekend I was able to escape the muddy waters - aka my life - for an entire heavenly weekend ... For a wonderful weekend, I participated in yoga classes, wandered around the lovely grounds of the ranch, visited with delightful people, and ate the gourmet food. I came back renewed - I don't remember when I last felt so good physically or so relaxed. Just call me California Yoga Mom." ... read MORE

Interview in the Contra Costa Times, September 2005

"Diane Valentine's path to her 30-year yoga practice started in response to a health crisis in her early 20s, during which the longtime Walnut Creek resident underwent three cancer surgeries and had three fused vertebrae in her neck ... At her current downtown location, Valentine offers monthly continuing education workshops for yoga teachers through the Yoga Alliance ... My love of serving my community is my greatest joy. It's really my life's work, offering this sense of healing for everyone," she said." ... read MORE