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Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga lessons are for everybody, for those who are working to overcome an injury of some kind and for those who want to deepen their yoga experience. For example -

A Yoga Program Just for You

I create a program or sequence of yoga asanas based on your particular goals. Whether your goal is just to go as deep as possible into one asana, whether you are interested in a particular family of asanans (e.g. backbends, lunges, twists) or whether you are interested in focusing on a particular part of the body (e.g. abs, shoulders) I will give you selected warm-ups, demonstration and instruction to take you deeper into your body and mind and to take you further along the journey to your goals.

When I am working with you one-on-one I evaluate you as to where you are right now in closing in on your goals - on ability to stretch, balance etc. How do I carry out an evaluation with you? I am looking for information like this - I sit with you and ask about any restrictions or injuries that you feel physically, and for how long. I ask to hear about any relevant medical diagnosis. I seek to uncover what times of day and after what activities you feel an injury, restriction or imbalance. I also investigate with you your "everyday" posture to look for ways that you may not be, in an everyday way, best supporting the structure of your body.

My Experience Is All For You

I have a passion to teach and a passion to heal. I bring to you all my experience of yoga and how these marvelous bodies of ours work. I am rooted in the Iyengar tradition and the Iyengar method builds proper alignment, flexibility, strength, stamina and balance. I am also certified in Therapeutic Yoga - hence my passion for helping those with injury, physical restriction and health issues that affect getting into asanas.

A Photographic Assessment

Recently I have been working with some students using a camera to show comparisons with myself, and to show progress on the asana work by you. I have found this to be very effective and am more than happy to incorporate this into your work with me.

What You Take Away from a Private Lesson

My goal is for you to leave a private lesson with a deeper sense of your body a deeper sense of what yoga is, and will be, for you and the opportunity to develop a broader awareness of your self. I send you home with a comprehensive program of specific warm-ups, exercises asanas and asana sequences, together with practice ideas, homework, and, if you are interested in following your progress photographically, with photos.